Monday, April 23, 2012

How Do You Handle Stress?

My six-year-old son had baseball practice this past Friday night. Afterwards, many of us went to a family friendly restaurant in our town. Believe it or not, even though it was after 7pm, our eight boys were all sitting and chatting and actually being really good. The adults and older kids were talking-it was all going really well.
Or so we thought . . .
This older gentleman came into our walled off area with fists clenched and red faced and started yelling at us. He said how the children were being terrible and how we were all irresponsible parents for allowing our children to behave so badly.
Honestly, we were all shocked. We had been impressed with the kids. It was so late and the food was taking a long time to get there, and they were sitting and playing. This man was not only attacking our kid’s behavior, but our character as well.
What should we have done at that point?
Should we have yelled back?
Should we have tried to ignore him, hoping he would just vanish in midair?
Should we have complained to the manager?
Or, maybe we should have gone to his table and start a fight, attacking his family or friend’s character and behavior.
What would you have done?
I’d like to say we spoke with the manager who handled it quietly and tastefully and everyone shook hands, the man apologized and we all laughed about it.
Unfortunately, that’s not what happened. There was a little yelling back and forth, and then the manager was notified. We never got an apology and I’m actually not sure what the man was so up in arms about. Happily, the boys didn’t hear any of this and they continued having a great time together.
I assume the man had a bad day or was unhappy about something in his life. We’ve all been there; we’re upset and take it out on the closest target, which I guess was us that night.
But it got me thinking. Life is hard. How do we deal with these hardships without scapegoating others around us?
Well, no surprise what I usually do when I’m sad, upset, or have a lot on my mind. I write. Writing it all out helps me deal with it better.
Some people work out, or shop, or drink, or even sleep.
How do you handle your stress and how would you have handled this man’s attack?
Life can be hard sometimes. I think that in order to get through it in the most fulfilling way, we need to grab onto the positive, work hard to be happy and successful in whatever you do, and laugh it out. As they say, laughter is the best medicine. Maybe we should have just told that man a joke, for example, my favorite:
So, this guy walks into a bar . . . OUCH!

Sorry, but I do love that one.  Ha ha.

Have a wonderful, laughter-filled and as stress-free as possible day.

Be kind to each other,

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