Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Picking Daisy Deadheads

I just spent the last two hours, yes two hours picking daisy dead heads off one of the two daisy plants in my front yard. Of course, I was thinking to myself, here I am a doctor with years of schooling and I have so many things to do, write, blog clean, cook, shop, put pictures in a photo album, ha-ha, so many things and I’m sitting here picking dead heads. blah blah blah.

Why? I asked myself.
To make it pretty.
Because the plant needs it.

Well, isn’t that why we do anything? We want to make our life pretty, or happy or joyful, and of course we have to accomplish a need.
Not even close to half way through this first plant, I get the big cutters out from the garage and start to trim some of the plant away - the overgrowth that really doesn’t need to be there in order to make the plant pretty.
It cleans the plant up a bit and makes my life easier by decreasing the number of dead head that I have to pick. It’s getting rid of the unnecessary. Guess what. The beauty is still there. Actually, the plant is even more beautiful.
My hands are dirty and the dirt has gotten under my fingernails and I’ll probably have remnants of the daisy plant in my nails long after a long, hot shower; but, when I go outside and look at the daisy plant, I’ll smile.
Of course, there still is more dead heads, and I still have to clean up the other daisy plant. These things are never done. But right now, I can look at the one daisy plant and see beauty. See beauty that I helped to bring out.

I guess when I pick dead heads I think. I think about my life and how it’s so much like me picking dead heads off the daisy bush. With every pick, life is my beautiful. But the work is never done. I have to keep on picking, keep on working to find that beauty, knowing that there’s a whole other plant right behind me waiting for my time and energy. Our work is never done. But our work is important. Beauty in life is important.
Sometimes I feel like taking those big cutters and cutting the whole bush down and maybe plant something easier to take care of, lower maintenance. And maybe I will someday. But today, I pick daisies and with dirt under my fingernails, I look at the job accomplished and smile.

Appreciate the beauty of today.
Work hard to achieve your own beauty.
The job is never completely done, the daisies bud, bloom, and then die. There are always new daisies growing.

So, here I go, picking the daisy dead heads, enjoying the beauty and knowing that any small or large job is worth the work.

Soon, I'll get to write, blog, clean, cook, work, help the kids, etc. and I’ll try find beauty in those things too.
Look around; see the beauty in the world.

Have a Beauty-filled day in all you accmplish,

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