Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Beginning of the Good

I actually had the most unbelievable news today.
After more than a month of constant worrying about my dad, I get to report that after his biopsy on Monday . . . Drum roll . . .
He does not have cancer!!
How can that be?
Why did the PET Scan light up like a Christmas tree?
What were those strange lymph nodes???
My family has been so worried. My mom has been a crying mess.
I have been so upset that I was having such a hard time trying to be creative enough to write.
And here we are, no cancer.
So, I decided that this is officially the beginning of the good.
Life is good.
Everyday is a beautiful gift.
I am so happy.
(I need to have a huge cry and get out all of these mixed-up emotions. 
I still am afraid to believe it fully. I feel tentative.)
Should I wait for the next shoe to drop?
My answer this time is a loud and passionate N-O!!

So, here I sit, in front of my computer and happy to be writing. 
I often think how one moment can change the rest of a person’s life.
One chance meeting.
One wrong word.
One doctors visit.
One kind gesture.
That’s all it takes.

Lately, I have noticed how crazy and inconsiderate people are acting. Not many drivers seem to care about pedestrians, stop signs, or even common courtesy. I make an extra effort to do things like slow down in parking lots, take turns, open the door for people, and give an extra smile or two. When I do those things, something very special happens. That person smiles back. The pedestrian thanks me. The person I opened the door for then later helps an elderly with a heavy bag.

I guess with the great news I just received, I am feeling sentimental. But I do believe that niceness is infectious. (But then again, so is meanness.)
I got news for you- niceness is better.

The beginning of the good.
I feel such relief. I can’t wait for the good to continue.

Have a Good and Nice-filled day,


  1. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first of many pieces of good news, I hope!! Every now and then, it's a mixed blessing when life reminds us of the truly important things, yes? Sorry your snow globe got shaken up but glad all the pieces settled better than they were before! xoxo

    1. Thanks so much Robin! Relief!! What an incredible feeling! xo