Saturday, January 21, 2012

African Fireside Chats

I went to Africa BK- Before Kids.
I shared this incredible experience with my friends, Darren and Ruby, and of course, my husband David.
First, David and I went to Zimbabwe, where we saw the beautiful Victoria Falls, as well as our first watering hole with actual African animals; zebras, elephants, and some giraffes. We were amazed.
We left Zimbabwe and flew to Botswana on a puddle jumper little airplane, landing on a dirt runway in the middle of the African bush. Well, I can talk about our African trip for hours and bore anyone with thousands of pictures, but today’s blog isn’t about the animals, the delicious food, or the permanent tents with bathrooms and showers in them.
This blog isn’t even about the hot water bottles left for us at night to warm our bed, or the coffee, tea, or hot chocolate brought to us in the morning . . .
What an unbelievable trip. (aah, reflection)

This blog is about our fireside chats.
Every night, after our evening photo safari and sundowner, (snacks with wine) and dinner, we sat around the fire with the nightly changing, interesting, eclectic people at the different campsites. One of us, usually Darren, came up with fun things to talk about. One night we decided to tell these people we had different random jobs. Ruby was a horse jockey, Darren was her trainer, David was an owner of a minor league baseball team, and I, of course, was a foot model. Makes sense, right? Why not?
But that also isn’t what this blog is about-so many fun tangents-Finally, here is what this blog is about . . .

One night, we came up with an interesting question.
What kind of person are you?

An anticipator.
Liver in the Present.
A reflector.

An anticipator is a person who loves to plan an event; excited for the adventure, thinking of all the different ways that they are going to love what is about to happen. The planner.
Liver in the present is a person that lives for the moment. They love being present and taking in everything that moment has to offer.
A Reflector is the person that loves to look back, re-living the moments and feeling the emotions of what had happened in the past.
Me? I’m a combination of two. I enjoy living in the present and reflecting on the past. The anticipation stresses me out, plus I'm sometimes a procrastinator, so the planning doesn’t always get done early enough.
I love the present. Sometimes I take a breath, look around, and really feel what is going on around me.
I also love to think back at a special time. Memories are so strong; happy, sad, sweet, or whatever the actual event made me feel. I hold on tightly to those memories.

So, what kind of person are you?
Are you an anticipator, liver of the present, or a reflector?
I’d love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy your planning, living and reflecting,


  1. Hmmm. Excellent question... I wonder too if other people see you the same way you see yourself? Does your husband think you are a combination of the two or does he think you lean strongly toward in direction or the other? I will think on it for myself and ask my husband his thoughts when we are (finally!!) alone at dinner tonight. Thanks for the conversation starter, Meredith!!

    1. I asked David what he thought I am, and he did agree with me. The funny thing is that he is a planner-another way we are totally opposites! i guess that's why our relationship works so well!

    2. and by the way . . . what were you and your husband?